In order to access the KBL OTF, customers will need to complete an Express Consent Request and the OTF Membership Agreement. In addition to executing the two documents and determining Client Classification, customers will need to review a number of documents including the Terms of Business and Order Execution Policy.

For certain securities markets, settlement arrangements will also need to be confirmed and tested prior to trading commencing. You will be guided through the process by the Account Onboarding team.

 The following asset classes will be made available for trading on the Kyte OTF:

  • Fixed Income – including government and corporate bonds
  • OTC derivatives
  • Structured products

Consistent with regulatory obligations, Kyte has developed a Product Governance process which will provide the framework for new instruments to be introduced to the OTF in a controlled manner and also to meet customer demand.

Broking activity on the OTF will be conducted in a multilateral format and business will be transacted on a ‘Matched Principal’ and Name Give Up basis. The Fee schedule can be found here and here. The KBL OTF Trading Days and Hours can be found here.

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