What is Kyte Broking’s LEI Number and MIC Code

Kyte Broking’s LEI Number is 1ZU7M6R6N6PXYJ6V0C83 Kyte Broking’s MIC Code is KBLM

Will Kyte Broking Operate a Trading Venue?

Kyte has permissioned from the FCA to operate an Organised Trading Facility (“OTF”), which is a new category of Trading Venue. For more information on the Kyte Broking OTF, kindly see Kyte Broking OTF information site.

How Will Kyte Meet Transparency Reporting Requirements?

For trade reporting, Kyte has selected two Approved Publication Arrangement (“APA”) dependent upon product type. ​For cash equities, Kyte engages BATS and for all other products Kyte engages Marketaccess/Trax.

How can I obtain Kyte’s Transparency Reports?

Kyte’s pre-trade and post-trade transparency reports will be made publicly-available from the Trax and BATS websites. You will find links to the websites at Kyte Broking OTF information site.

How will Kyte Meet Transaction Reporting Requirements?

For end-of-day transaction reports, Kyte will use Trax as an ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) that publishes data directly to the FCA.

What Information Will Kyte need from Clients?

Kyte will need information such as LEI number, decision-maker information (RTS 24 PII Data), MiFID reportable status, and short-selling indicator (on a trade-by-trade basis). Our Account On-Boarding Team will provide you with further information on how you can provide this information to Kyte.

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