What is MSF’s LEI number and MIC code?

Market Securities France’s LEI Number is 969500FWB6L4IMCWRO70 and Market Securities France’s MIC Code is MKTF

Will MSF operate a Trading Venue?

MSF has permission from AMF to operate an Organised Trading Facility (“OTF”), which is a new category of Trading Venue. For more information on the Market Securities OTF, kindly see Market Securities OTF information site.

How will MSF meet Transparency Reporting requirements?

For trade reporting, MSF has selected two Approved Publication Arrangement (“APA”) dependent upon product type. ​For cash equities, MSF engages BATS and for all other products MSF engages Marketaccess/Trax.

How can I obtain MSF’s Transparency Reports?

MSF’s pre-trade and post-trade transparency reports will be made publicly-available from the Trax and BATS websites. You will find links to the websites at MSF OTF information site.

How will MSF meet Transaction Reporting requirements?

For end-of-day transaction reports, MSF will use Trax as an ARM (Approved Reporting Mechanism) that publishes data directly to AMF.

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